Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Abattoir Blues - Nick Cave

The sun is high up in the sky and I'm in my car
Drifting down into the abattoir
Do you see what I see, dear?

The air grows heavy. I listen to your breath
Entwined together in this culture of death
Do you see what I see, dear?

Slide on over here, let me give you a squeeze
To avert this unholy evolutionary trajectory
Can you hear what I hear, babe?
Does it make you feel afraid?

Everything's dissolving, babe, according to plan
The sky is on fire, the dead are heaped across the land
I went to bed last night and my
moral code got jammed
I woke up this morning with a Frappucino in my hand

I kissed you once. I kissed you again
My heart it tumbled like the stock exchange
Do you feel what I feel, dear?

Mass extinction, darling, hypocrisy
These things are not good for me
Do you see what I see, dear?

The line the God throws down to you and me
Makes a pleasing geometry
Shall we leave this place now, dear?
Is there someway out of here?

I wake with the sparrows and I hurry off to work
The need for validation, babe, gone completely
I wanted to be your Superman but I turned out such a
I got the abattoir blues
I got the abattoir blues
I got the abattoir blues
Right down to my shoes

Monday, September 7, 2009

Voz Numa Pedra - Mário Cesariny

Não adoro o passado
não sou três vezes mestre
não combinei nada com as furnas
não é para isso que eu cá ando
decerto vi Osíris porém chamava-se ele nessa altura Luiz
decerto fui com Isis mas disse-lhe eu que me chamava João
nenhuma nenhuma palavra está completa
nem mesmo em alemão que as tem tão grandes
assim também eu nunca te direi o que sei
a não ser pelo arco em flecha negro e azul do vento

Não digo como o outro: sei que não sei nada
sei muito bem que soube sempre umas coisas
que isso pesa
que lanço os turbilhões e vejo o arco íris
acreditando ser ele o agente supremo
do coração do mundo
vaso de liberdade expurgada do menstruo
rosa viva diante dos nossos olhos
Ainda longe longe essa cidade futura
onde «a poesia não mais ritmará a acção
porque caminhará adiante dela»
Os pregadores de morte vão acabar?
Os segadores do amor vão acabar?
A tortura dos olhos vai acabar?
Passa-me então aquele canivete
porque há imenso que começar a podar
passa não me olhas como se olha um bruxo
detentor do milagre da verdade
a machadada e o propósito de não sacrificar-se não construirão ao sol coisa nenhuma
nada está escrito afinal

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bowery Blues - Jack Kerouac

Bowery Blues

The story of man
Makes me sick
Inside, outside,
I don't know why
Something so conditional
And all talk
Should hurt me so.

am hurt
I am scared
I want to live
I want to die
I don't know
Where to turn
In the Void
And when
To cut

For no Church told me
No Guru holds me
No advice
Just stone
Of New York
And on the cafeteria
We hear
The saxophone
O dead Ruby
Died of Shot
In Thirty Two,
Sounding like old times
And de bombed
Empty decapitated
Murder by the clock.

And I see Shadows
Dancing into Doom
In love, holding
TIght the lovely asses
Of the little girls
In love with sex
Showing themselves
In white undergarments
At elevated windows
Hoping for the Worst.

I can't take it
If I can't hold
My little behind
To me in my room

Then it's goodbye
For me
Girls aren't as good
As they look
And Samadhi
Is better
Than you think
When it starts in
Hitting your head
In with Buzz
Of glittergold
Heaven's Angels


We've been waiting for you
Since Morning, Jack
Why were you so long
Dallying in the sooty room?
This transcendental Brilliance
Is the better part
(of Nothingness
I sing)


Kerouac, Jack